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john r. hicks johnratwhidbeydotnet 3rd Nov 2006
my father
My father served with the misquitos in korea but i have no knowledge of when he was there. I remember him telling me that he and his squadron mates has one of the best hootches among the squadron....he told me how they managed to barter booze for wood and had their tent lined with wood and even a wood floor. He passed on in 1994...He served as a c-47 pilot in WW2..Served in N. Africa and Italy, flying into Yugoslavia dropping supplies to the partisans. Any info on my father would be appreciated. His name ..John Henry Hicks and was an officer but his rank i am unsure of other than he piloted a t-6.

Thank you
A wondering son
John R. Hicks
Our records show:

They do not show directly if he flew T-6 mission, or the C-47 radio mission.

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Scott Hottendorf txshagyyatgeusnetdotcom 2nd Oct 2006
Ray Dicks
Recently, Mr Souza sent my grandmother a picture of my grandfather, Ray Dicks, of when he was stationed in Korea and was part of the Mosquito's. I recall many stories that he told the family. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple years ago, but this picture brings back fond memories of him. He was very proud to serve his country. Thank you, Mr. Souza, for bringing him back to us.

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Steve Reeves liljoeatclearwiredotnet 28th Sep 2006
Maj. M. A. Reeves, 6147 ABS
Lt Col Merritt A. Reeves, USAF (Ret) was my father. He commanded the 6147th Air Base Squadron during 1954. I am looking at his squadron guidon as I type this. He was proud of his service with the Mosquitos.

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Jeff Crunkleton jeffcatomegacomputersdotcom 25th Sep 2006
I have a friend who's father was in the 6147th. She has a picture of him in front of a plane that appears to be a C-47a Skytrain. Can you give me any info on this plane and its involvment with the 6147. The plane was named after her and would like to get some history on the aircraft.
We have had e mails back and forth, and yes, the plane is "Little Jo Ellen". She was given a framed picture of the plane at our Atlanta reunion.
We understand that the aircraft is the one that crashed and burned on takeoff from K47 in the Summer of 53. The Copilot and Radiomen escaped, the Pilot died.

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Billy H. Adams billyadamsattexasbilldotcom 19th Sep 2006
Service in Korea with "Mosquitos"
I served with the 6147th from June, 53 til April, 54 with a stint with the 942nd FAC atchd to 7th ROK DivArty.
Going through the photos and the comments here has brought back fond memories of that time and the comraderie I cherish to this day. Unfortunately, I don't remember many names from that time. I'm now pushing 80 and the old grey matter is solidifying on me. God Bless all old "Mosquitos" still with us.
Hoist a glass to "Absent Comrades".
They will be remembered Sunday, at the Memorial Breakfast, and I am sure toasted Saturday evening.

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Tonda Varelli LaceWheelsataoldotcom 21st Apr 2006
Lt Francis P Varelli
My father was attached to the 6147 Tactical Control Group, Fifth Air Force during the Korean War. He passed away in 2001. I enjoy doing genealogy research but there's not much information on the Korean War. Thank you for posting a history on the Mosquito's. If there's anyone out there that remembers my father I would love to hear from you.
He was a Life Member of the Association, 6148th Squadron, an Observer, May to Oct 1952

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BRUCE ORRISS 15th Feb 2006
Mosquito sq. T-6 for the Palm Springs A
Gentlemen-the California Air Heritage Foundation is restoring a T-6 as a Mosquito Sq. aircraft to add to a new Korean War exhibit at the Palm Springs Air Museum. We were wondering if you would agree to help sponsor the restoration as an official association project. Any financial help you could give us as we are a small non-profit organization. We are planning to restore the aircraft in the same markings as William Hooper who flew with your squadron. His son works with me here at Northrop and we have all his Dad's memorabilia/records from the war.

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howard riddle aitch147atAOLdotcom 12th Feb 2006
Mosquitos 1953-1955
Anybody out there remember me? When K47 was closing, I was assigned as Custodian of the \\\"NCO Club.\\\" Would like to hear from anyone from the 942nd FACS or other sqdns.

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Withheld coppersunshine123athotmaildotcom 6th Feb 2006
Daniel R. Etter
I had a call from a Dick Souza recently asking for info on a Daniel R. Etter who served in Korea in 1953-1954. I do not know of a Daniel R. Etter but my father, Verling L. Etter did serve in Korea in that time frame.

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Robert (Bob) Hilton rhilton3atcsdotcom 23rd Dec 2005
He seems to have been cut short, I\'ve asked for the rest. But, he was an observer, WIA 10/52,
and we did not have his address, but now we do.
note I have "munged" his e mail because of spamming web crawlers.

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