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John F. Pantera, Jr. 1st Oct 2007
Checking in
Dad was at K-6 with your outfit. Would be happy to provide any info. you may need. He was a crew chief and was awarded the Bronze Star for what he did there.

He was career Air Force. Retired as line chief of Beale AFB. I have photo albums and stories -- one involving the grave yard you had to clear out.

I will forever respect the guts of those pilots.

John, Jr.

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Michael Zimmeman 23rd Sep 2007
Douglas Zimmerman
My dad,Douglas Zimmerman, served in the korea war.If anyone can help photos,etc would be helpful.He passed away Dec. of 2006
Michael Zimmerman
50th Sq 1952, if that helps.

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Phil Visconti 13th Aug 2007
K-16 Seoul Airbase
What was name of small town near K-16. I tried to find it on GoogleEarth but I don;t know how to spell name.

I was stationed at K-16 before transfer to K-14.

June 1954 to May 1955. 6147 TAC CON GP and 6147 ABG

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Russell Watts estovallattriaddotrrdotcom 18th Jul 2007
Finding friends name
I was a radio operator in 6147th and I am interested in finding out the name of my mechanic who went out on team with me. I think that this was in late 1950 or early 1951. This mechanic volunteered to go back to Japan for jump training, as they were needing some R O and Mechanics to jump with Paratroopers. We went out on the team together and when we got back, his name was on bulletin board to go to Japan for jump training. He wished than that he had not volunteered but could not get out of it. I remember that he was from Oklahoma, but I cannot think of his name. He went to Japan and made his five required jumps, and than he had to make another jump, because of some visiting General. His parachute had a streamer, and he couldnt get his researve to open. I wonder if anyone can remember his name?
6 ZIP :
7 REMARKS : 6150TCS'51 TACP CPL SC30130 187RCT
From a search of our records,

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Stan Muniz b25stanatsbcglobaldotnet 8th Jun 2007
Guestbook Entry
I was in the 6147th M&S Sqdn in 1953 &1954 at K-47

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Bernice Avey berniceaveyatverizondotnet 17th May 2007
Sterling Silver Cigarette Case with insc
My Father served in the Koren War and has passed away. In his belongings I found a cigarette case with the inscription AIRMAN'S CLUB 6147th TAC.CON.GP KOREA. His name was Ernest Roush (ERNIE). The Case also has a painted picture that sez mosquito on it. My Father was in the U.S.AirForce. If anyone is interested in purchasing this, let me know. If you knew my father, please let me know. Thanks.Bernice

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Jim Summers jsum74atsbcglobaldotnet 18th Apr 2007
Don Webb
I have made contact with Russ Watts Winston Salem, N.C. He is interested in joining the Skeeters. We discussed the rdo op that was shot on a silver or (stainless steel) plate on the head. Well, I had a sleepless night last night and his name came to me. It was Don Webb. I feel pretty sure. It was in the AF periodical and I saved it but it got misplaced the last couple years.
The following follow up from Dick Souza, clarifies the issue:
The name of the individual that you are trying to
come up with is Richard F Webb Cpl AF12285096 He was PFC when you and Watts
shipped to 3d Comm Sq out of the 35th Fighter Intcp Wing 13 Aug 1950 Now
Webb was RO and his Mechanic was a young trooper by the name of Rollo D Hibbs
who got killed Nov 1950 and believe Webb was left for dead by the Chinks due to
that steel plate . Webb obtained plate from bike accident. Rollo was just out
of Scott AFB and got him self sent over and teamed with now Gen Robert Mathias
(Ret) who got wounded and Webb also getting wounded. The other FAC whose name
escapes me right now (believe in AR) got wounded and became POW. Hibbs is
buried in Corydon. IN and comes from a long line of military family. I
communicate with his brother off and on. As for Richard Webb. He retired from the US
Air Force believe it or not with plate and all to the rank of MSgt. What I can
surmise is that he lived up to 17 July 1987 and passed on somewhere in FL.
His homeof record was NY I have been trying to contact his kin to findout if he
ever received his awarded Silver Star as all the others mentioned in this
correspondence did.

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Tye Bullock bullocktatbellsouthdotnet 25th Jan 2007
News paper Article
Article is from the Baltimore Sun but I am not sure of the date. Part of the article reads when a T-6 spotter plane of the 6147th Tactical Control Group piloted by Capt. Walter Bullock ...came to the scene took a look and called for F-51's
He sent a picture and a news clipping from an old paper, which we now have. Due to security considerations, attachments cannot be received.
Brad, Moderator

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don r. davis ddavis010atrochesterdotrrdotcom 24th Dec 2006
942nd 1953--1954
i was "army" attached to 942nd spent my year near sokchori anyone remember "boatload control"? new to this computer thing--never done a e-mail yet. not sure of any of this
E mail address has been munged, to use change "at" and "dot" to symbols.

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Lt. Samuel L. McLean 23rd Dec 2006
My father in MOSQUITO SQDN
WOULD LIKE ALL INFORMATION AVAILABLE . I am looking for any one who might of flown with my father during this time.. Please assist me in any way you can.
I have requested name of father, probably is Same as son, but he does not show "Jr".
Our info:
<6148TCS'5-12/51 CAPT-AAA DWN 9/51,WIA 24 SEPT 51>
Unfortunately, his e mail address is invalid, so no way to contact him.

Brad, Moderator

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