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Ron Bound 20th Apr 2009
Mosquito License Plate
Several years ago, I was introduced to Fred Holmes, and was given a book about your Mosquito outfit. One day here at the base, I saw a guy standing next to his car with a license plate, Mosquito, or something close to that. I asked him if he was in the Mosquito outfit in Korea. He said I was the first person who understood what his license plate meant. His name is Rex in Nebraska. Ron Bound

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Michelle LaVigne Lame 6th Mar 2009
Duffy LaVigne
My dad Duffy LaVigne was with this unit. He lost all memorabilia and pictures during Hurricane Katrina. EVERYTHING! If you knew Dad and would like to contact him, please email through me. Thanks,

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Steven D.Fisher 26th Feb 2009
Mosquito 6150th.Tac Con Sq.
Hi,My father, Richard D. Fisher who served with your Tac Con Korea and was discharged Honorably in 1953 or early 1954 from a A.F. Base in Roswell N.M. .
I never new his Squadron`s Name until I received your lastest news letter from my step-mom ( Jean ).It is interesting to learn of such news at this point in my life.My Father passed this past Sept.`08 from colon cancer .After all these years of not knowing muchabout his service days, I hope to learn more about his Squadronwhich so dear to him when he chose to speak of Korea.
Thank- You ,
Steven D. Fisher
( His only blood survivor )

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Janice Couper 19th Feb 2009
William Depue
My father William Depue served in Korea 1952-1953 in the 6147th TAC CON GRP. He passed away 6/07. I have a beautiful pencil drawing of him done by a Don DuBois. Does anyone have any information on him?

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Craig Voelker 19th Dec 2008
Jack Voelker
My father, Jack Voelker, was a pilot with the 6147th TCG. Dad passed away earlier this year at the age of 83. He always shared fond memories of his time in Korea. He and I had planned to attend the reunion in Beloxi, Ms. Dad flew in WWII and Korea, he retired in 1968 at the rank of LTC. He continued to fly as a corporate pilot until 1988. His last flight was in a P-51 in 2005--a nice way to end a life in aviation.

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John Toffton 8th Dec 2008
Father, Joseph Toffton
My father, Joseph Toffton was stationed in Korea during the war. Dad passed away peacefully in his sleep from cancer 4 Dec 2008. I found an old letter with this organization's address on it.
Thought you would like to know.


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james 20th Nov 2008
b co 1st bat.
looking for anyone that was in at 1950 to 1952, looking for james kelly,or any photos.

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Cindy (Larkin) Krafft 26th Jul 2008
My Dad was in the 6147th in 1953/54 I beleive he was a cryptography tech. He also played on the 1953 Championship basketball team. I was wondering if there is anyone else still around that may have done the same. I would love to be able to give my Dad the information

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Derek Ping blitzpingathotmaildotcom 31st May 2008
John Geiling
I believe my grandfather was a mechanic in this organization. I would like to get confirmation if possible. He just passed away last weekend. I am currently station in Area I with the U.S. Army trying to carry on the family tradition. Thanks for any information you can provide.
Correct: 6149th, 12/52-12/53

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Ken Brooks kenbrooksatcharterdotnet 27th May 2008
Dad was a pilot in the 6147th
Hi to all! My late father, K.D. Brooks, was a T-6 pilot in the 4167th between Jan \'53 and Jan 54. All I know about his experience there is that he got an Article 15 for unauthorized low flight which clipped some power/communications lines and almost cost his life (probably) and the airplane. Dad survived his youth (thankfully) and lived a good life, passing away at the age of 81 in Colorado Springs. He retired from the Air Force in 1971 as a Lt. Col. after also serving in RVN as a Huey pilot with the Green Hornet Squadron in \'67 and \'68. Would enjoy hearing from anyone that might have known him and can possibly fill in details about his time there. Thanks to the webmaster for making this site possible!

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